Optimized for taking care of air management functions in warehouses and logistics units, our HVLS Fans (High Volume Low Speed Fans) can easily tackle conditions related to poor air quality and uncomfortable temperature fluctuations in such facilities. Energy consumption of such fans is quite low as opposed to similar other industrial fans and these fans also run uninterruptedly for many years without requiring maintenance.
Girder Cranes
Tailor made to meet any work conditions, the Girder Cranes we deal in are supplied in various work capacities and tons. With their powerful performance, these cranes feature easy usability in manufacturing industries, power plants, oil & gas, shipyards, marine, etc. These cranes are ergonomically efficient and also feature excellent applicability and flexibility.
EOT Cranes
Our selection of Electric Overhead Traveling (EOT) Cranes exhibiting our matchless technological prowess is designed to meet special operational requirements of challenging work atmospheres. Featuring top safety and reliability, each model of EOT cranes that we offer combines the right ratio of product performance and price.
Heavy Duty Cranes
Be it dealing with higher slopes or stronger vibrations, perform everywhere with confidence with our specially designed Heavy Duty Cranes. Challenging works like mining and pipe laying can be effortlessly executed with the help of these cranes, which are designed for giving error free performance even when embedded in any complex machinery of your choice.
HOT Crane
Hydraulic Overhead Travelling Cranes (HOT Crane) are exported from our end to our customers. These are used for moving goods in both horizontal and vertical direction. The cranes are mainly used in manufacturing industry, mining, construction and others. These have excellent corrosion resistance and high tensile strength that male the long lasting.
Electric Hoist
We are the prominent supplier of Electric Hoist to our customers in the worldwide market. These are used for moving heavy materials in a vertical direction. The hoist have strong strength that give them the ability to withstand heavy weight without any sort of damage.
Electric Wire Rope Hoist
Our organization is engaged in providing an array of highly efficient Electric Wire Rope Hoist. These are used for lifting heavy materials with the help of drums wrapped with ropes. The hoist have rugged configuration and ability to function without any kind of hassle.
Goliath Cranes
The name itself implies that such cranes are designed for heavy duty operations. Goliath Cranes can easily handle larger and heavier loads and are offered in either single girder or double girder designs. The cranes come handy in areas where other material moving equipment fail to perform, such as in automobile industry, heavy machinery fabrication industry, shipping industry, etc.

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